in brightest day

in brightest day
in darkest night
no evil shall escape my sight
let those who worship evils might
beware my power

the coolest poem in the DCU.

i drew this for my friend Mark who is being very patient and i thank him for it. i wasnt sure how this was going to turn out cause it was the GL Corps and these kind of peices are just busy as all get out and just seem to muck together in one massive green blob once colored. i hope ya diggs.


got to get tough

well its been a while since ive posted anything new so i figure what with everyone complaining theres no new material....and everyone meaning the only two people who read this damn blog (you know who you are)

I just finished drawing issue 1 of Dreadnoks : Declassified. If anyone ever watched GI JOE as a kid you know what im talkin about. Zartan the master of disguise got his own series. The story tells the origin of how the biker gang got together.
Me being a huge GI JOE fan i jumped at the chance to draw this title. I can remember back when i used to blow up my JOE figures with bobcat firecrackers. come to think of it i blew up alot of things. little did i know if i would have kept them all in mint condition i could retire on those god forsaken toys. anyways, I digress...

Before i started on the Dreadnoks book i did a 5 page flashback seqence in GI JOE Declassified #3. written by mr gi joe himself, Larry Hama. what you see here are some snipits from that story.

The book comes out later next month and Dreadnoks Declassified ships in two months. check for it at your local gunshop/comicbook store. GO JOE!!!


lick my back

the other day i was asked to come and sign comics and doodle some sketches at the grand opening of a local comicbook shop / gun store....i know what your thinking. WHY CANT THERE BE A PLACE LIKE THAT WHERE I LIVE???? well i will tell you...i live in a place where the gene pool is rather shallow. anyway long story short, i did this sketch for a kid named Riley who bought an original piece from me. all in all it was still a good time. a few free sloppy joes and a hot dog later i went home and drew this up for him. hes a big venom fan.

lick mah back


well crap. after an hour or so of workin on this dang post i finally got it in order. anway...here are some samples i drew up for the chicago convention.


Wizard World Chicago 2006

Well, now that the convention is over things are slowing down and getting back to normal. I want to thank everyone who came by the table and spent thier hard earned money. This years convention was the most fun I have had in a long time. Thanks to the company I had there was never a dull moment. Dustin, Eric, and Mark...thanks guys.